GREAT PLANET HUNT through the streets of Zagreb

Create your own and unique Zagreb experience with the little help from local treasure hunt experts

Rumour has it there are curious sculptures of Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, hidden in the Zagreb´s street puzzle, and yet many fail to find them all! Yes, Zagreb has its own grounded solar system, cool, ha? Croatia´s capital has always been fond of astronomy, and puzzles!

The Central sculpture - the Grounded Sun (the replica of the original from 1971), artwork of Ivan Kozaric, the Croatian artist internationally famous for his sculptures, has been permanently placed in the heart of city center, amongst owers and the commotion of the popular Bogoviceva Street, since 1994. In the year 2004, nine planets -stainless steel rounded sculptures-, called Nine Views (Pluto was still considered a planet at the time), were "grounded" in Zagreb´s metropolitan area reecting the scale of real astronomical bodies by another artist - Davor Preis. Intervals and dimensions of the "grounded" planets are proportional to actual distances of planets from the Sun, considering the diameter of the Grounded Sun sculpture. At the time, the art project gained little publicity and the local population has long been unaware they have daily passed by the mystic and accurate solar art park, hidden in front of their eyes, blurred by the commotion of the main city streets.

Almost a decade after it´s first ground control spin, we invite you to accompany us for a serendipitous experience of Zagreb streetpuzzle solving with Zagreb Space Walk.
It is time for a Great Planet Hunt trough the city!

Assignements with basic instructions enclosed and time limit will be handed out at the start of the programme. Creativity and different viewpoints will be expected and encouraged. Have fun in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries of the city. After all, there’s a reason you’re not on a package tour...

Interactive programme in the city centre. Note: The guide provides only a preliminary instructions and the rest of the program is an interactive game.
Starting point and time: on request • Duration: 2 hours • Languages: English & Croatian
• Contact: Aleksandra Uhernik Đurđek mob: +385 91 4220301
• email:

The programme is particulary recommanded for team buildings and closed groups. It can be designed espacially for your group to fit into the theme of your general programme and itinerary.
Tell us more about yourself so that we can adapt the assignemets which you’ll love, for sure.



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